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Einstein Year - a year celebrating physics - links
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Where to go next?

There are plenty of places - real and virtual - where you can find out and talk about physics. Here's a selection of the best places for you to start...physics to go

Einstein Year
World Year of Physics
How the rest of the world is celebrating Einstein's centenary year

New Journal of Physics
The open access journal for physics has three special focus issues for Einstein Year
A fully searchable guide to the best physics information on the web

Science Discussion Lists
BBC Science Messageboards

voxScience discussion list
a recently set-up UK-based blog, which gives everyone the opportunity to have a say about the latest developments in science, technology and medicine, how they affect our lives and what we think about media coverage of science and technology.

Hypography Discussion Forum

Physics Forums

The Satrosphere Forums
Get your science questions answered here

Science Forum discussion groups

Links for students
Learning Physics
Useful information for physics students from the Institute of Physics

BBC Revision Guide (ages 7-16)

Channel 4: Homework High

BBC Science and Nature

A great US science site

Links for teachers
The Association for Science Education
The professional association for teachers of science

Teaching Physics
Useful information for physics teachers

Science Across the World
Exchange information, opinions and ideas online with thousands of schools from all over the world

NPL's Learning Room
Ideas, resources, experiments and events that can help support the education of physics

General Science Websites
Planet Science

BBC Science and Nature

How Stuff Works

USA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

A great US science site

Volcano World
The Web's Premier Source for Volcano Information

UK Goes to the Planets
Information about UK Space Exploration

Channel 4 Science

Science News and Features

New Scientist


BBC News- Science & Nature

Guardian Life

First Science

Books for World Year of Physics
Recommended reading for Einstein Year - reviews of books on relativity and Einstein's work

Science Experiments
Space Time Travel
Clear explanations of special and general relativity through papers, images and videos

The Science Explorer
Lots of experiments to do at home, from the Exploratorium people

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen

Hunkin's Experiments
Hundreds cool cartoons that will have you experimenting with food, light, sound, clothes, and a whole lot more!

National Science Week Challenge Packs

Try Science at Home

The Adventures of Science Bob

At Home Astronomy

National Physical Laboratory
Online experiments

Museums/Science Centres
An online guide to science centres in the UK

ec-site UK
A comprehensive database of all the UK's science museums

Science Festivals
Festival of Science and Culture in Leicester

The BA Festival of Science

Cheltenham Festival of Science

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Wrexham Science Festival

Brighton Science Festival

Science and Society
The British Association for the Advancement of Science

Images from the Science Museum Collection

Sc1- First for Science
A Royal Society site featuring news and features on cutting-edge research

The Royal Institution

Science and Art
The Arts Catalyst

Mapping the stars through poetry

Visions of Science Photographic Awards
Includes a special Einstein Year prize category

Arts projects funded by the Wellcome Trust

Debunking Bad Science
The Guardian: Bad Science

Bad Astronomy

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics