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Einstein Year - a year celebrating physics - physics to go
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physics to go

Everything you need to take physics to your community
The Physics to Go pack contains everything that you need to put on a successful Einstein Year event! physics to go
There are five main components of the pack, which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below (you'll need Acrobat Reader to view the pdf documents, and Shockwave Flash to view the movies). Alternatively, you can download all the documents at once (1.7MB zip folder).

General advice (109 kB)
An introduction to running physics-related events for public audiences, including "What's it all about?", "Tips and Skills", "Finding Funds" and "Suggestions for Follow Up".

Publicity Guide (680 kB)
How to maximise the publicity of your event, including "Designing Posters and Advertising Material", "Tips for Preparing a Press Release", "Tips for sending out your Press Release" and "Tips for dealing with the media", as well as a sample poster and press release.

Evaluation Guide (139 kB)
Instructions on how to effectively evaluate your event, including: "Why Evaluate?", "What to do", "Questionnaire Design" and sample evaluation questions.

Generic Venues (96 kB)
An introduction to working in familiar public ("generic") venues. Details are included for three types of venue: pubs, supermarkets and motorway service stations. Sample quiz questions and activities associated with each of the venues are included in each of these sections.

Physics Tricks (220 kB)
A selection of 20 physics-related demonstrations that use simple everyday ingredients and are reliable, relatively inexpensive, require little preparation and cover a range of venues, audience ages and sizes, and physical principles.

Physics Tricks movies 
To get an idea of how to carry out the demonstrations, you can view or download demonstrations of each of the tricks if you have Flash installed on your PC.


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