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Einstein Year - a year celebrating physics - Constant Speed
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Constant Speed

A new dance that celebrates Einstein's greatest scientific ideas had its world premiere on 24 May 2005 at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.
'Constant Speed' from Rambert Dance Company toured the UK in 2005 and was commissioned by the Institute of Physics to mark the centenary of Einstein's ground-breaking ideas of 1905 on relativity, light and atoms.

Dance is an ideal medium to illustrate abstract concepts like Einstein’s theories and the work was commissioned in order to encourage people’s curiosity about physics and its relevance to contemporary culture.

Mark Baldwin, Artistic Director Rambert Dance Company, was given a crash-course on Einstein’s theories of 1905 by Ray Rivers, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperical College London. Mark was able to test out his understanding with Ray before eventually finding ways in which scientific inspiration could be transferred into dance.

The principles of Brownian motion – the seemingly random movement of microscopic particles suspended in a fluid, such as pollen grains in water - provided the perfect choreographic device to create movement. Mark has imagined that the dancers’ bodies move around the stage in a similar way to the pollen-grains – as if being jostled by unseen forces.

A significant element of this special project was the programme of education work that supported it. In collaboration with the Institute of Physics, Rambert’s award-winning Education Department ran a range of education work, including workshops and pre-performance talks, as well as providing resource materials.

Constant Speed continues to tour in 2006. You can read further details of the production with our press release or see Rambert Dance Company website for details of tour dates.